Sue Jereczek

Life behind the lens is an uncharted journey into the soul of the Universe. Silently observing the intricacies of nature that unfold all around us, one frame at a time. Finding pure joy in a droplet of water on a leaf. Exhilarating.

I am embracing my passion as a full-time photographer, dividing my time between the San Francisco Bay Area & Santa Fe, NM. After a successful 35 year career in corporate retail operations, I wanted to focus on living my life through the lens & sharing the images that I capture.

My creative background also includes numerous independent short film & video projects as cinematographer, writer, & producer, as well as being a member of Barewitness Films, a group that produces original, improvisation-based narratives that reflect the unique culture of the San Francisco Bay Area www.barewitness.com.

I am also the co-founder/photographer at elixir images, with my very talented pal & Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Ylonda Viola. elixir images provides custom high-quality nature images, video, and aerial artwork, to health and wellness spaces, environments for aging, interior design projects, hospitality venues, and beyond.

In addition, we offer custom digital films (Spark Stories) to aid in creating much needed calming connections & reminiscence therapy for patients with dementia and their caregivers as well as legacy documentaries, that celebrate & capture the true essence & inimitable spirit of your loved one’s journey (at any stage in life). Visit us at www.elixirimages.org.